With the Countable widget, you can turn any web page in to easy means for political action. Users can easily send a message to all three of their elected officials about their views on legislation, local issues, or anything else. 

Adding this functionlity to your own site is simple: just copy and paste the following code to wherever you'd like to embed it on your website:

id = "countable-message-lawmaker"
src = "https://assets.countable.us/widgets/message-your-lawmaker/countable-message-lawmaker.js"
type = "text/javascript" async>


Frequently Asked Questions

Why the Widget Exists

What if your audience could easily advocate? And what if that advocacy occurred on your website? That’s why Countable has built an embeddable advocacy widget for news platforms and advocacy organizations. It facilitates civic participation, lowers barriers to political advocacy, and lends you opportunities to meaningfully engage your audience.

How the Widget Works

The widget is embedded directly onto your website and only requires a few lines of JavaScript. Everything occurs on the host (your) website and users are never redirected to Countable. You also gain access to comprehensive analytics and user data reports, which track each action that your users take. In short, Countable will make it easier for your audience to advocate and you to know about it.